Mirrored in spectral machine


In collaboration with Camilla Alberti


Iron, lace, plastic, plaster, aluminum, steel

600cm x 600cm x 200cm

The space we live in is a complex place, made up of stratifications,  collaborations, multiple paradigms and temporal spheres. Every organic or inorganic being contributes to the continuous construction  of the world in a dynamic relationship impossible to stop. The human paradigm of eternal development and accumulation based on static ideologies is now unsustainable. We need to rewrite the social contract, redefine our being in the world and the way we build it through hybrid narratives, dynamic aimed at interspecies collaboration.

Mirrored in Spectral Machines investigates the relationship between 

the living body and the machine, which takes shape in the dialogue between five structures, five sterile bodies, and the living plant elements that share space with them. The lace inserts, similar to spider’s web for texture and lightness, are placed in contrast with the hardness and artificiality of the mechanical elements. A living, dynamic and changing habitat over time is reproduced within spazioSERRA; a decentralized place, which emerges from the dichotomous natureculture, machinic/organic paradigm, creating a single narrative flow where transformation, metamorphosis and dynamism become the foundations.