Is this the role that you wanted to live?

The work is configured as a performative act where the freedom from stereotypes’ chains and rigid models that imprison us in binarisms of all kinds is represented.
The action wants to focus on “passing” and on how it can become a response to the theory of identity in postmodern society; a positioning policy that breaks the solidity of the subject’s location. Indeed, it is neither what one does in his role as a performer, nor what one represents in his position as a subject, but a way of representing and experiencing the fluidity of interpersonal and psychopolitical dynamics.
The transitional element becomes essential as it is not a means to a different purpose, but a purpose itself. Opens spaces to the fluidity’s expressions and plurality of desire.
It is not a new theory of identity, but a response to it in terms of positioning policy since with all these flesh-clad clothes assigned to us there’s the risk of losing ourself, assuming that there is one. Everything goes on too tightly, everything goes on too wide: gender does not fit well to our body.