Food for commons, food for life

The Swamp School, built in the city of Venice, inspired on the one hand the search for a specific edible material to work with (Tipha Latipholia, Silicornia, Erba di San Pietro) so that it was relevant for the relationship with the marsh and lagoon ecosystem . On the other, it represents the specific place from which our reflection on the environment in which to carry out the social act of food preparation starts. Participation, having overcome the sense of taste and touch, moves not only towards an in-depth study of natural ecology, that is, related to the knowledge of the consistency properties of individual foods, but above all towards an awareness of a social ecology that looks to the choice of the individual’s daily actions and their impact within the community in which they live.


2018 – Venezia, “Biennale di Architettura Venezia, The Swamp Pavilion”