Wardrobe rules

The work was born from research I carried
out in the town where I live, Finalborgo. It
started with meetings and conversations
with a substantial number of my peers
from which it emerged that their goal is
simply to get married and start their own
family. The aim of the project was to raise
awareness among girls who live in small
country towns, still tied to the old values,
not to limit themselves by aspiring only
to become wives and mothers, as the
woman who accepts life in relation to
her husband’s satisfaction, accepts also
to “survive” in the moral, psychological
dependence that binds its inner potential.
It is therefore an invitation to consider
oneself and one’s desires more, without
being influenced by the idea of “right” or
“good” which too often include women in
categories and meaningless classifications.
The significant value of work plays its role
within those small peripheral country
towns, in which today the traditions and
family roles linked to the past persist.

2017 – Milano, “X Contemporary”
2019 – Modena, “Consorzio Creativo”