Etica del velo

The work looks like a magical lamp which, thanks to a light placed inside it, projects the textures of the lace onto the walls of the room. The surrounding environment is thus invaded by a presence that goes far beyond the physical structure of the lamp, transforming itself into a safe space, a platform, a stage. The installation therefore opens up to temporary re-significations, to real occupations. For example, a vogueing exhibition is planned within the exhibition space. The distinctly gendered brand of laces and their reflections becomes the
environment for staging one of the phenomena that, historically, have reworked and rewritten the coordinates of gender deconstruction. Ethics of the veil, as an independent installation and as a stage, is inspired by the delicate weave of lace and its historical memory with a precise desire to make a show. Micro becomes macro, ethics and politics of normality become a matter of investigation. Its violence and its forcing emerge from a claim to everyday life, visible, speakable and therefore subject to change.

2020 – Milano, “X Contemporary”